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Our mesmerising stargazing tour is a captivating, fun and interactive space journey peering into the spectacular Blue Mountains' dark skies, far away from the city lights, run by Leura locals -  Astrophysicist Dimitri, PhD and his fiance Caroline.   This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the Southern Sky and its celestial wonders, that are only visible from the Southern hemisphere.

Our guide Dimitri, with over 10 years of experience including Sydney Observatory, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley and Mt John Observatory at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, will delve into the study of each celestial object.  Through the professional-grade telescope you will observe objects, depending on the time of year and night, such as The Moon; Saturn; Jupiter; Mars; Venus; The Orion Nebula;  Star clusters;  Double & triple stars;  Deep space objects such as galaxies and our Milky Way. and even Shooting stars if you are lucky!

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