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About Rove Numby

Rove Numby will be a unique corporate venue for small group think-tanks, getaways and team building activities.  With no phone reception- Rove Numby ensures complete focus and immersion, free from the distractions of everyday digital life.

Nestled on a 6000 Ha property along the upper Lachlan River, Rove Numby boasts majestic and picturesque landscapes. Despite its remote location, it remains an accessible drive from Canberra, Sydney and the Central West. 

Rove Numby offers a guided hiking program tailored to your group. Showcasing the property's tranquil natural surroundings. Explore creeks, waterways, and enjoy grand views from mountain peaks, making for an invigorating and inspiring experience.

Rosewood Cottage Basecamp, a charming historic stone cottage, serves as the communal space for meetings, relaxed conversations, workshops, and dining. The cottage is divided into two sections: a smaller space used as the dining room and library, and a larger open area that can function as a lounge with tea and coffee facilities or be adapted to meet your needs. It features a large deck with seating, two large open fires, an outdoor fire-pit, and both indoor and outdoor showers.

Rove Numby is available on request during the Spring and Autumn seasons, offering a serene retreat where teams can focus, connect, and grow.


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170KM to Canberra Airport
170KM to Canberra Airport

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